Located in Clark, New Jersey, Exclusive Power Washing satisfies the needs of both residential and commercial clients through our expert power washing needs throughout New Jersey and New York.

With each and every wash, our team of power washing experts will not quit until we’ve achieved 100% satisfaction from each of our clients. And remember, our services are specifically designed to not only help our clients present their homes and businesses in a more aesthetically pleasing manner, but they are also designed to help increase the overall integrity of the structure, and increase the overall value of their respective neighborhoods and communities.

Remember, here at Exclusive Power Washing, we’re not just power washers – we’re community builders. Here’s how and why we do it!

Why Choose Exclusive Power Washing?

Aside from simply making your home or business look more aesthetically pleasing, power washing helps to preserve the overall integrity of your structure, in addition to adding value to your property and your neighborhood or community.

Businesses and homes take a ton of abuse from weather all throughout the year, especially extreme weather like hurricanes, blizzards, and even Nor’easters. In addition, even the local environment and the people who occupy the buildings and homes in our neighborhoods and communities can also inflict some abuse. Here at Exclusive Power Washing, we have all of the appropriate tools, cleaning solutions, and expertise to carefully clean the facades, sidewalks, driveways, decks, gutters, fences, retaining walls, and virtually anything else you could possibly think of for our valued clients and their properties.

And you can be sure that after an intense power washing service from Exclusive Power Washing, your business will attract more customers, it will improve the look of your main street, and even increase the value of your neighborhood or community. And in terms of houses, your home will improve the overall aesthetic and look of your street and neighborhood! We also have a strong relationship with local Homeowner Associations!

And on a more personal level, you can definitely feel better and rest assured when spending time in your house, entertaining, and hosting parties knowing that it’s been professionally cleaned and washed to bring it your home back to its true glory. You can even take pride in knowing that you made the conscious decision to track down the power washing experts of the north east to help restore your home’s true colors.

Power washing your home and business at least once a year will help to keep it in good shape for years to come! We doubt you need any more convincing, so contact Exclusive Power Washing today to schedule your free estimate!

We also work very closely with local Homeowners Associations.

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